Friday, December 23, 2011

Who knew?

Who knew how hard the first step would be?  I had the the first post of my blog all mapped out in my head.  Sat down to the computer and realized the first step was finding a name.  Of course, the name I wanted was already taken.  And the second.  And third.  And fourth.  And 45 minutes later.....

Oh well.  This really is the musings from the desk, stove, table and counter.  I've been many things in life, as you can see in my header.  But a writer?  Yes, I've composed many a story in my day, and been published in many different mediums - but not in words.  Words about things that matter.  One can only write so many procedure manuals without losing a bit of ones identity.

My first blog title choice was "Musings in Mediocrity".  Seems there are other mediocre people out there - who like to talk about it, because every variation of that title was taken - even spelling "mediocre" backwards!  There's a lot of us non-experts around.

My Grandma (who you will hear quoted a lot - she was a great influence) told me to stick to something, and become proficient in it.  Sorry Grams, I  didn't follow your advice.  A bit of dabbling in a ton of things is more my style.  My brain runs too fast to stick to one thing and do it expertly.  I can do a ton of things mediocre, though!

So if you like to be bored - or you like to learn a little of this, and a little of that as I bounce around among the varied interests in my life - stick around!  If not -- see ya!


  1. If you want to work on your writing and think seriously about publication--magazines, books, newspaper, etc..--you should come to the writer's group I lead. We meet about twice a month.

  2. Thanks Susan... let me know when you meet! Don't know if I can fit another thing in, but I'll try!

  3. Hello Bev,
    Welcome to the world of blogging! You have a great start on your blog. I have enjoyed your posts. I found you on a thread you began on MJF about starting a blog, so I thought I would pop over and see.