Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

As you get ready today, and sweat and stew to have the "perfect" Christmas, just wanted to let you know that the "perfect" Christmas is a myth.

Our most memorable Christmases have disaster attached.  Like the first year (yes, I said "first") our tree burned up when I was a child.  I don't know what my parents were thinking.  They drug that poor tree from the forest above the Lochsa, wind whipped on top of our old Plymouth Fury, and set it up with minimal water and strung it with lights from Goodwill.  Of course the lights shorted out.  Luckily, Dad caught it while the branches were just smoking.  The last tree we had when I was a child ended up a full blazing fire.  Mom had set it up on top of the TV. (Her decorating skills were always suspect).  When the tree AND the TV were engulfed in a blaze, Mom took it as a sign from God that pagan trees and evil noise boxes shouldn't be in a home.

Fast forward to when we had kids at home.  There was the year that Steven was rough-housing with his sisters, and landed full on into the fake Christmas tree.  It never quite worked after that - all the branches were busted off on one side.  Or the first year Jim's folks lived in the big house in Lewiston.  We learned that the garbage disposal couldn't take potato peelings.  Major plumbing disaster in the middle of Christmas dinner!

The details are a little vague - but I remember one Christmas when we lived in Deary.  Another plumbing disaster - involving the kitchen sink, hoses coming in through the window, and grease in the drain.  Then there was the year the turkey fell on the floor........

So as you gather with your family today - be prepared for the disasters.  Laugh with them - as they will make the most memorable Christmases.  Only Martha Stewart has perfect ones - and she has staff.

Gotta go - Skype date with granddaughter!

Merry Christmas!

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